Ideas for Classroom Applications

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Idea 2 - Virtual Tours in Second Life

When organizing a virtual lecture, we suggest:

  1. Guide the students to different places in Second Life using the map function.
  2. Ask participating students to offer you friendship before the start of the tour, so you can provide them with immediate help by instant messages or offer them teleports when they get lost.
  3. 3.Ensure all students are familiar with the communication channels so they can request help easily during the tour.


Loudspeakers and individual headsets with microphone are not part of the standard setup of computers in the PolyU laboratories. Therefore, students can ONLY use text communication in class, not voice.


Arrange students to have a class in a lecture theater with loudspeakers and a projector, and allow them to sit in a lecture with an overseas guest lecturer / speaker using Second Life.


Assist students to login to Second Life and use "Local Chat", i.e. text, to communicate inside Second Life.

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