Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is my "Second Life name" my username?
    If you're a newer Second Life Resident, you created a unique username when you registered. That username is what you enter to log into Second Life (for example: mortimer1980, jsmith57).

    If you're a longtime Second Life Resident, you selected a Second Life name when you joined. That Second Life name now forms your username, using the formula:

    (Second Life first name, in lowercase).(Second Life last name, in lowercase)

    You should enter your username, or your "classic" Second Life first and last names into the Username field to log into Second Life.

  2. How do I log in with my username if I'm using Viewer 1.23 or a third-party viewer?
    The newer Second Life Viewers, including the official Linden Lab v2.x Viewer, now use a single username field plus a password field for logging into Second Life. However, some older Viewers such as the official v1.23 and most third party Viewers still use the old method of a First Name field, a Surname (aka Last Name) field and a password field.

    If you're a newer Second Life Resident with a single-word username:
    1. Enter your username in the First Name field.
    2. Enter resident (in lowercase) in the Last Name field.

    If you're a longtime Second Life Resident with a first and last name:
    1. Enter your Second Life first name in the First Name field.
    2. Enter your Second Life last name in the Last Name field.

    If you're a newer Second Life Resident with a single word username, simply enter that username along with your password and log in as usual.

    If you're an older Second Life Resident who originally had a first and last name, you have two options:
    1. Enter your original first and last name (in lowercase, separated by a period) into the field provided OR
    2. Enter your original first and last name separated by a space (case does not matter)
    Then enter your password into the Password field and log in.

  3. Where can I use Second Life in PolyU Campus?
    All computers in the 4th floor computer laboratory in M core student lab have been equipped with Second Life (Kirsten) viewer, where teachers and students can work and have class with Second Life. We would recommend M405, 407 and 408 for SL class as they are quipped with better machine than other lab. [Updated for Semester 1 2010 / 2011]

  4. How can I get to PolyU virtual campus when I first log into Second Life?
    You are landed on an island called "Help Island" when you FIRST log into Second Life. This is an unique island which DO NOT connected with other islands in Second Life on the map. Therefore, map function is NOT working here. You must first EXIT the Help island. To do this, please refer to the "Tips for beginner"

  5. Where can I download the Second Life software?
    You can visit to get the latest version of Second Life.

  6. What should I do if I failed to use some tools on virtual campus while other can ?
    You should check your mute list (View > Mute List) to see if you have added any avatar / object .

    Since all muted object / object scripted by the muted avatar will malfunctioned, please "Unmute" them from the list and try again.

  7. What should I do if there is a warning"Your computer cannot meet the minimum system requirement ..." when I log into Second Life?
    You can still attempt to run Second Life at its lowest graphics settings but it will be unstable and unable to show some of the visual effects, such as lighting and particle effects, and will suffer from slow performance.

  8. What should I do if I forget my login name?
    You can login and check with your activation email or visit Second Life website and enter your registered email to retrieve your login name

  9. What should I do if I forget my login password?
    If you still remember your registered Second Life account name (firstname and lastname), you can check by visiting Second Life website to request your login password. Otherwise, you need to check your login name first.

  10. What is Second Life?
    Second Life® is a 3-D online virtual world created by its residents (= users). Since opening to the public in 2003, it has grown explosively and today is inhabited by millions of residents from around the globe.

  11. How can I check if my computer can run Second Life or not?
    You can check under the control panels"System","Display setting" and"Device manager" to check if your computer meets the minimum requirement of Second Life.

  12. How can I access the virtual campus of HKPolyU?
    You can click here to access:

  13. What are the minimum requirements for running Second Life on my computer?
    Please refer to page 5 - System Requirement in guide book for detailed system requirements or visit

  14. Should I keep upgrading Second Life to the latest version?
    You do not need to update the Second Life software as often as it is upgraded, although it is recommended to keep as up-to-date as possible so as to keep enjoying the best performance of Second Life. You are only required to upgrade if there is a compulsory upgrade, which will be indicated when you log in. You do not have to worry and keep checking for updates yourself.

  15. How can I earn Linden dollar (L$) in Second Life?
    One way of earning L$ in Second Life is through 'camping' . There are plenty of islands which provide spaces for"camping", which you can find by searching for"camping" in Second Life. There are also websites where you can buy L$ with your credit card or similar payment methods.

  16. What can I do if I am lost in Second Life and cannot find a way out?
    You can ask your friends to offer you a teleport or send your Second Life login name (firstname & lastname) to and we will help you out.

  17. Does Second Life provide different interface languages apart from English?
    Yes, it does. The default language depends on the"Regional" system setting of your computer. You can also choose a different language under the menu"Edit > Preference > General > language", which provides the following choices:"English","Chinese", German","French","Korean","Portuguese" and"Spanish".

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