Facilities in Second Life

Tool 10 - Dry-Erase Board

We can provide a white board which allows teachers to write on during classses. If you want to use this tool in class, you need to send your request to us 2 weeks before your class and join our teacher group in Second Life.

To use the board, there are several options for inputting text during classes:

1. Right Click on the board.

  • Select “Touch” from the wheel menu to open the control panel of the board.

2. Select the input method

  • Chat

    1. Select "Chat" from the panel.
    2. Type in the text in the local chat bar at the bottom.
    3. The text will be shown on board after you "say" the text.

  • Note card

    1. Put your text in a notecard. Then right click on the board and select "Edit".
    2. Drag and drop the notecard from your "Inventory" to the "Content" of the board.
    3. Select "Notecard" from the panel.
    4. Select the dropped notecard.
    5. The text in the dropped notecard will be shown on the board

  • To clear words on the board

    1. Select "Clear" from the panel.
    2. The text on board will all be gone.

  • SlideShow

    1. Select "Slideshow" from the panel.
    2. The slide holder will be shown on the board.

    3. To add an uploaded image to the slide holder, you need to open your "Inventory", then drag and drop your image to the texture holder. The image will then be shown.
    4. To hide and clear the slide holder, you just need to need select "Slideshow" from the panel again as in (1).

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