Facilities in Second Life

Tool 6 - Slideshow

To show a Power Point Presentation in class, you must send your finalized Power Point presentation to us 2 weeks before the class. Since all slides are shown as still images, please avoid on-click effect and slide transitions, as well as external links to media or websites.

To control the slideshow during class:

  1. Back - Step back thru the image contents of the whiteboard, it will stop when you reach the first slide.
    The Owner can also say "back".
  2. Next - Step forward thru the image contents, until the last slide is reached. The Owner can also say "next".

Please note that the aspect ratio of the slideshow board is 4:3 and slides move forward and backward through user interaction. If you would like the slide show to run automatically by timer or you want to have a different aspect ratio, you must state this clearly when you send us your Power Point presentation.

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